ProteinQure is a computational platform for protein drug discovery. We partner with pharma to deliver experimentally validated novel chemical matter (we don't sell software). We focus on designing novel biologics optimized for binding, specificity, immunogenicity, serum stability and other pharmacokinetic properties. Our physics based computational methods make our platform less dependent on large data sets. Which is relevant for novel peptides (including the use of non-natural aa or macrocycles) and difficult targets (such as GPCRs, Ion Channels or intracellular targets). They have 6 commercial partnerships with pharma including our first with AstraZeneca and two additional top 25 pharma companies. We are currently looking for more partners to help with early stage hit id and lead optimization in the biologics space.

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Date: June 13 - 16, 2022

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Patricia Cosgrove
Area Director
USA: Life Sciences


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