At Cleantech Commons research park we are creating a Canadian hub for collaborative clean, green, low- and zero-carbon, and sustainable technology research, innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship. By building a clustered multi-stakeholder community of scalable growth companies–start-up and spinout ventures, corporate accelerators and “innovation outposts” supported by incubation and business acceleration programming, mentorship, and expert business and professional services– we are creating the perfect location for industry to connect with students, faculty, researchers and start-ups. Cleantech Commons is designed to be a place where all can share their best ideas and collaborate to address climate, energy and environment challenges by translating collaborative research outcomes into green innovations, new products, commercial services and practical solutions for the global market.

Connect with investors in new technologies, service provider partners, future tenants, cleantech research collaborators.

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Date: June 7 - 9, 2022


10 in total