GlobalDWS is an international systems integrator and solutions provider of innovative technologies. GlobalDWS is currently the market leader in system integration of AI, robotic and IoT technologies. Our team takes pride in the solutions we develop using components already available in the market space. Our innovation strategy focuses on creating a solution integrating multiple systems under one single platform. We research products available in the market space and enable them in a way that provides strategic business value to our partners and clients. We utilize our knowledge and experience to help our customers design and deploy the right solution to support their business and technical strategies. We have a wide range of solutions and products in our portfolio on advanced technologies (AI, IoT, robotics, hologram, mixed reality and productivity tools) and a wealth of knowledge that comes from working with many customers around the world and across various industries such as education, healthcare and financial services sector.

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Date: May 30 - June 2, 2022

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Patrick Barry
Area Director
Europe: Automotive and Life Sciences


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