AI-powered Vision System for Manufacturing

i-5O’s mission is to help manufacturers measure and improve their production processes using AI-powered computer vision. The challenge with manufacturing today is that the majority of tasks are presently manual, and this is responsible for over 80% of process deviations. This problem is made worse by the fact that the only way manufacturers can analyze their manual processes today is by using human engineers to do visual observation work and time studies. The result of this is that manufacturers are essentially flying blind today when it comes to their manual processes. i-5O is helping the largest manufacturers in the US, Canada, and Japan gain visibility into human work by using a combination of video cameras and AI software. Clients include the world’s largest steel company ArcelorMittal and a top 5 Japanese Automotive OEM. Information generated by i-5O is used to improve production capacity, quality and compliance.

Product Information

i-5O uses video cameras and AI-powered computer vision software to automate the visual observation and data collection work traditionally performed by human engineers so that manufacturers can continuously monitor their labour-intensive operations. i-5O’s computer vision software processes video feed to detect and track objects including personnel, equipment, and material and classifies actions. The information that is generated is then converted into metrics that can be used to improve production capacity, quality, and compliance. i-5O is currently being used by production engineers, maintenance teams, and inspection teams across automotive, steel, and medical device manufacturing.

Differentiation Factor(s)

i-5O’s team includes 5 AI scientists, 4 programmers, and a client team of 4 including 2 Japanese bilingual professionals. Our co-founders graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and have 10 years of experience combined deploying new technologies at companies including Schlumberger and Toyota. We have been working with the top 5 Japanese Automotive OEMs since 2019 and have done multiple projects across the organization. For technology development, i-5O has research partnerships with multiple AI labs at the UWindsor and our technical capabilities include over 99.8% accuracy in tracking manufacturing processes as well as the flexibility to address a diverse array of manufacturing scenarios. We are a technology partner and can tailor our solution to your exact needs.


We would like to seek opportunities to partner with organizations that can utilize our AI-powered vision system to help improve productivity, safety, and compliance in Japan. Ideal customers would be the ones that are looking to implement Artificial Intelligence solutions in their labor-intensive operations, especially in the manufacturing sector.




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Date: May 25 - 27, 2022

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Wenbo Pan
Team Lead
Asia, Middle East & Africa


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