Li-Cycle is the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America. Leveraging its innovative Spoke & Hub Technologies™, Li-Cycle is on a mission to provide a customer-centric, end-of-life solution for lithium-ion batteries, while creating a secondary supply of critical battery materials. Li-Cycle takes pride in reclaiming critical minerals with high recovery rates and inherently low-cost operations which makes Li-Cycle uniquely positioned to meet recycling demands while being economically and environmentally sustainable.

Product Information

Today, Li-Cycle has an operating presence in Canada and the U.S. through its mechanical pre-processing ‘Spoke’ facilities in Kingston, Ontario and Rochester, New York, capable of processing up to 10,000 tonnes per year of lithium-ion battery equivalent material. Earlier this year, Li-Cycle announced 3 additional Spokes in the US and also our first international Spoke, located in Norway. Once operational, Li-Cycle will have a total processing capacity of up to 65,000 tonnes per year in North America. Additionally, Li-Cycle’s first hydrometallurgical refinery ‘Hub’ facility is in late-stage development in Rochester, New York and is on track for commissioning in early 2023. Once completed, Li-Cycle’s North American Hub is projected to be one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world and the largest source of recycled lithium globally.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Li-Cycle utilizes its patented Spoke & Hub Technologies™ to achieve industry-leading resource recovery rates and produce the critical battery materials underpinning the global growth in electric vehicle (EV) proliferation. Historically, traditional recyclers have sought to thermally process batteries creating harmful emissions and losing the ability to recover critical elements, such as lithium in the process.

Li-Cycle’s patented and audited recycling processes dissolve critical materials in batteries, which when recovered at an efficiency rate of 95%, results in battery materials (black mass) and mixed copper/aluminum. After further processing at our future Li-Cycle hub, the battery materials will be reduced to its purest levels making them suitable for direct re-entry into the battery supply chain effectively creating a closed loop for sustainable manufacturing.

Through the Spoke and Hub model, Li-Cycle offers ~25-30% more efficient CO2 emission offset compared to pyrometallurgical based recycling. Li-Cycle’s processes also fair competitively by reducing other emissions and water usage as much as possible that makes Li-Cycle a truly environmentally sustainable model


Li-Cycle looks forward to attending the Trade Mission to Japan and believe this would be a great opportunity for us to be in touch with key client and partners from one of East Asia's largest market. In particular, we are looking to identify potential investment and manufacturing partners as well meet with government, regulation and/or industry associations in the Japanese market. This would be extremely beneficial for Li-Cycle as we set up expansion plans to the Asia-Pacific region specifically Japan and Korea.

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Date: May 25 - 27, 2022

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Wenbo Pan
Area Director
Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand


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