Mold-Masters is a global leader in the plastics industry. We design, manufacture, distribute, sell and service highly engineered and customized plastic processing equipment and systems. Our hot runners, temperature controllers, auxiliary injection and co-injection systems are utilized by customers of all sizes in every industry, from small local manufacturers to large worldwide OEM manufacturers of the most widely recognized brands. Over the course of our 50+ year history, we've built our reputation on delivering the best performance through our broad range of innovative technologies that optimize production to enhance molded part quality, increase productivity and lower part cost. Unlock your operations' full potential with Mold-Masters. That's "Performance Delivered".

Product Information

Mold-Masters is trusted by many global electric vehicle brands and component suppliers. Molding components for EV's often have their own unique set of demanding applications that involve complex parts and challenging hard-to-mold polymers. Common applications associated with electric vehicle (EV) drivetrains include electric motors, batteries, connectors, power control units, thermal management systems and more. Our supercharged EV molding solutions enhance molded part quality, increase productivity and minimize scrap.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Not every hot runner system is the same. It’s our original technology that you can’t see that differentiates Mold-Masters from everyone else.

These technologies provide our engineers with a distinct technical advantage when optimizing the design of your hot runner system with your specific application in mind.

For our customers, this translates into better performance, higher production quality, superior reliability and lower production costs than what you would expect from other hot runner suppliers. Unlock your operations full potential with Mold-Masters Technology. Performance Delivered.


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