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Solace helps enterprises become modern and real-time by giving them everything they need to make their business operations and customer interactions event-driven. With PubSub+, the market’s first and only event management platform, the company provides a comprehensive way to create, document, discover and stream events from where they are produced to where they need to be consumed – securely, reliably, quickly, and guaranteed. Established enterprises such as SAP, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Canada, multinational automobile manufacturers such as Groupe Renault and Groupe PSA, and industry disruptors such as Jio use Solace’s advanced event broker technologies to modernize legacy applications, deploy modern microservices, and build an event mesh to support their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and IoT architectures.

Product Information

Product: Solace PubSub+ Platform (Japanese)
PubSub+ helps enterprises design, deploy and manage event-driven architectures across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and IoT environments, so they can be more integrated and event-driven.

Services: Solace Professional Services
Expert architecture, planning and implementation services, offered as custom engagements, pre-packaged plans, and as an on-going dedicated resource

Differentiation Factor(s)

Modern manufacturing demands the real-time movement of events and other data across every environment and component of the digital enterprise. But integrating IT and OT across plants, datacenters, clouds and geographies is no small feat. Solace PubSub+ is an advanced event broker platform that helps our manufacturing clients manage it all.

  • Move real-time data between devices, buildings, assembly lines, fleets, containers and more
  • Ensure 100% reliability and consistently high performance and security across OT and IT
  • Enable event-driven communications across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures
  • Elastically scale your IoT operations to manage millions and even billions of connections


  • Achieve to meet targeted enterprise accounts one-on-one by leveraging the support from the Ontario Government
  • Look for potential partners whom Solace can work with and leverage the network in Japan
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Date: May 25 - 27, 2022

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Wenbo Pan
Area Director
Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand


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