We design and manufacture a range of products for aerospace OEMs, aircraft maintainers, and military contractors. Our products are used to verify and secure onboard networks, collect and manage data generated by onboard networks, and provide a real-time view into the internal operation of complex vehicles and systems.

Competitive Advantages

The inundation of alerts mutes out the important information. CCX Technologies has approached the issue from a logical analogue of the signal to noise ratio as commonly encountered in hardware design. Our aim with the sophisticated classification system is to increase the signal to noise ratio: filter and not present alerts that would cause confusion to the operator’s decision support workflow. By automating the low alert actions, the cognitive load on the system operator is much lower, allowing them to maintain a better situational awareness.

Driven by the need to secure a multitude of vessel interfaces, our system brings a versatile implementation of the CCX detection service – NIDS, HIDS, SBIDS, and ABIDS. The service interfaces are designed to capture similar formatted database entries like CVE lists. When activated, the data capture daemons are responsible for decoding data bus messages, providing them in the standard JSON format that conforms to the CCX Avionics Common Data Format (CACDF) schema. Data samples are forwarded to algorithms as specified in a predefined ruleset. The GUI also includes a development platform that can be used to develop new algorithms. The algorithms can raise alerts based on current and historic data samples, which are pushed into the distributed database system and can be made accessible on a remote server. Enabling fast deployment provides the tool set for DND's engineering to build new rules to mitigate risk on platforms.

Objectives at FIA 2022

CCX Technologies is interested in strengthening our connection with our current European distributor and meeting new international distributors and dealers, as well as customers.

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Date: July 18 - 22, 2022

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