Invenova is a logistics integrator with 35 years of experience. We have a portfolio of services that provide solutions that improve operability and maximize the performance of operations in the supply chain. To this end, together with our clients, we design, build and implement turnkey projects for manufacturing companies and distribution centers as well as specific solutions for sortation, material handling, storage, control and intralogistics in general.


  1. Brand awareness and brand recognition
  2. Networking opportunity
  3. Position Invenova as a leader in intralogistics
  4. To be able to explore business opportunities and prospecting clients form the mission
  5. Look for strategic alliance in the region (companies that we can complement each other services/products and partner for future projects)
  6. Learn about the different business opportunities for Invenova in this region of the country
  7. Explore new industries such as: a) Logistics and Supply Chain b) Aerospace c) Automotive d) Food and Beverage e) Healthcare f) Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals 
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Date: October 5 - 7, 2022

Event contact

Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


7 in total