BDATA is an operation technology cybersecurity software company. It protects mission-critical operations and equipment by creating and maintaining device fingerprints for crucial equipment such as remote machinery, PLC and gateways. BDATA’s software has two components, digital fingerprinting generation and encrypted communication and device monitoring and management.

BDATA is partnering with Soracom, Nexty, Intel, Advantech and SuperMicro to help its customers use BDATA technology easily.

Customers include:

  • Portable energy suppliers for mining operations
  • Cities with remote utility operations
  • Manufacturers with smart devices and robotics

Products & Services

BDATA’s software offers two core functionalities: device identity security and remote management of devices. Its technology creates a linkage between device digital identity and physical attributes. The created device fingerprints are the key to device monitoring and management. BDATA’s device management platform offers device location geo-tracking, compliance checking, event logging and data analytics.

Objectives at CEATEC 2022

  • Meet with existing business partners such as Nexty and Soracom
  • Expand client market in Japan and Korea region
  • Find more business partners
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Event details

Date: October 18 - 21, 2022

Event contact

Wenbo Pan
Area Director
Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand


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