SmartONE Solutions has created a smart community solution for multi-dwelling residential developments, connecting smart suites together over the building network. Residents enjoy a full smart home experience, with lighting and blind control, flood detection, smart thermostats and door locks, to name a few features. The smart homes are then connected to the building network to allow residents to access community features within the same app. Residents enjoy a smart home experience combined with community-based hardware and software functions, such as lobby access control, community camera views, ticketing, amenity booking and parcel delivery. Community-based services are seamlessly integrated to offer unique amenities such as smart EV (electric vehicle) charging, automated license plate reading, smart parcel delivery, integrated retail and shared electric vehicles.

In our current markets, the solution is bundled with internet and sold in partnership with large telecommunication companies, as a smart community product to multi-family residential developments. SmartONE is partnered with two large telecommunication companies, having developed and executed a collaboration model to meet the business needs of these groups. The advantage to the large telecommunication company is that the SmartONE solution allows them to differentiate a plain internet service offering, to gain market share and the community-based software platform, allows them to sell additional services to drive revenues in new categories.

Objectives at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

SmartONE has developed a proven business model for smart communities and has the ability to distribute the solution globally. Our manufacturing partner already delivers products to more than 122 countries globally, and all of the software interfaces were designed with multi-lingual capabilities. SmartONE is seeking business partners on a global level to jointly deliver our smart community solution.

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Date: November 15 - 17, 2022

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