3dEYE Inc. is a Canadian hi-tech company providing the AWS-based true cloud video SaaS platform for the monitoring industry since 2014. Now we’re processing 50 PTBYTES/month, 170 mln events daily. Our clients are security systems integrators, managed IT companies and telcos from NA, LatAm and the Middle East. 3dEYE features advanced machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence to deliver advanced analytics that 3dEYE developed by re-training its algorithms and providing the industry with smart alerts. 3dEYE resolves hardware dependency - supports any IP camera with ONVIF conformance, such cloud-based analytics as face recognition, object detection and classification, heat maps, people counting, colour search and more.

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Date: September 28 - October 1, 2020

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Eve Rotstein
Area Director
Southeast Asia


12 in total