Dagamma Ecommerce Solutions Inc. is a global manufacturer, distributor and IP development company focused on providing health monitoring solutions for growing families, supplying leading retailers, HME resellers, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. It owns direct-to-consumer sites with global e-commerce channel distribution and fulfillment capabilities.

Baby Doppler and Sonoline (formerly a Siemens Trademark) are leading brands the company owns in the fetal monitoring field. The company's fetal dopplers have significant third-party validation, such as media features by Healthline, which are referenced in Government tenders and US government-funded clinical studies.

The company owns proprietary IP in the form of AI/ML algorithms. It uses rare clinical data to improve patient triaging, diagnostics and management, and remote monitoring mobile apps to produce/record clearer heartbeats kicks count and more accurate real-time fetal heart rate.

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Date: June 21 - 24, 2021