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The world’s most innovative technologies and companies thrive in Ontario, Canada: from artificial intelligence to quantum computing, from Amazon to Shopify, Ontario is where cutting-edge thinking is powered by a dynamic ecosystem of R&D, and where start-ups and global giants grow side-by-side. Ontario is home to North America’s second-largest information technology (IT) hub, with over 35,000 high-tech firms generating a GDP of over $65 billion.

The province has an expansive IT corridor—which runs from Windsor and Waterloo in the West to Toronto in the centre, and Ottawa in the East. This innovation highway covers two of the three most concentrated tech markets in North America and two of the largest start-up ecosystems in the world.

Ontario also has premier technological infrastructure that companies need to succeed, including some of the world’s most advanced cloud computing and big data analysis expertise, coupled with an expanding 5G network. Plus, we’re geographically connected too. Ontario is at the centre of the global economy, with access to road, rail, sea, and air transportation. The province is also strategically located within a day’s drive to 187 million consumers across North America

The province’s biggest strength, however, is its people. Ontario’s 44 public universities and colleges produce 63,500 STEM graduates each year. This steady stream of talent continually reinforces Ontario’s already robust pool of highly skilled workers.

Ontario offers technological might across a multitude of disciplines, firmly securing a global leadership role in the IT space.

Artificial Intelligence Began in Ontario

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Artificial intelligence (AI) was pioneered in Ontario more than 30 years ago when world-renowned University of Toronto scientist Geoffrey Hinton first discovered neural nets. Today, Ontario is at the epicentre of an AI-enabled future, with more than 400 artificial intelligence firms and institutions paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Ontario is using AI to automate drug development, stop online fraud, improve customer interactions and make the law more transparent and accessible. The province is putting it to work in the auto industry, financial services, life sciences and clean technology. The possibilities are truly limitless for AI in Ontario.

It's why Ontario launched the Vector Institute in 2017. Established through a partnership between government and industry, its mandate is to support AI start-ups while developing the next generation of transformational technology.

Locking Down Solutions for Cybersecurity

In Ontario, you’ll find the world’s leading minds in cryptology, quantum computing and other security-enhancing technologies, who are leading ground-breaking research and bringing innovative solutions to market.

Ontario is where industry, academics and governments work together to solve the world’s most pressing security problems. The province’s scientists are exploring futuristic solutions at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing and the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute. At Ryerson University’s Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, industry thought leaders are developing policies and alternative education programs that tackle the serious challenges of cybersecurity.

Microelectronics Have a Big Impact

Thinking small can pay off big. That’s the story of Ontario’s microelectronics sector, where innovators and makers of electronic circuits, microchips and semiconductors continue to drive huge advances in virtually every technology product and application.

To build microelectronics, design engineering firms, components suppliers and manufacturers draw upon Ontario’s deep expertise in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics and advanced manufacturing.

A Global Hub for Fintech Leaders

From mobile payments to cybersecurity, trading analytics to blockchain, Ontario is a leader in fintech. Toronto, Ontario is North America’s second-largest financial hub and a global epicentre for fintech activity.

Toronto is ranked as the most attractive centre for fintech companies and the fastest growing financial sector in North America. With the right combination of leading financial institutions, one of the largest stock exchanges in the world (TSX), and a technology-forward ecosystem, it’s no wonder Ontario is the place where fintech innovators are finding success on the world stage.

Interactive Digital Media Played Around the World

If you’ve watched a special-effects movie, played a video game or used a mobile app, then chances are you’ve experienced content and technology made right here in Ontario. Our digital media companies create content, products and services that are viewed and used around the world.

Ontario companies represent the entire spectrum of digital media business activities - from animation and 3D rendering to post-production and marketing.

5G has Landed and Taken off

Ontario is at the forefront of the 5G revolution—developing the next generation of cellular network standards that will usher in better internet on smartphones and unlock leading-edge IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

5G is a reality thanks to partnerships forged by Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, with global industry leaders like Ericsson and Nokia paving the way for success.

Ontario is always advancing. Always innovating. And ready to build the future.

Ontario’s IT industry is in a constant state of evolution as it leads the market with new products and services while forging growth in emerging technologies. Ontario is looking forward to welcoming you to the next generation of innovation at Collision 2022 in Toronto.

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