About our Seoul Office

Co-located within the Embassy of Canada in Seoul, South Korea, our office serves as a dynamic bridge fostering trade and investment between Ontario and South Korea.

Operated by the Government of Ontario, our office is a key part of a global network of International Trade and Investment Offices (TIO) strategically positioned in Canadian diplomatic missions worldwide.

Our mission is to amplify Ontario’s presence on the international stage and establish strong commercial partnerships across major global markets. In collaboration with Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal stakeholders, we are committed to enhancing Ontario’s economic footprint and facilitating mutually beneficial opportunities for growth and innovation between Ontario and South Korea.

What we do

Assist South Korean companies interested in building their presence in Ontario by:

  • Providing data and intelligence to support expansion into Ontario, including business costs and incentives;
  • Connecting them with government, institutional, and private partners to help bring their expansion plans to completion;
  • Organizing site visits and providing expertise and guidance throughout the expansion process.

Promote Ontario products and services by:

  • Attending international missions and trade shows to connect buyers with Ontario businesses at the events;
  • Organizing pre-qualified meetings for Ontario companies to present their products and services;
  • Collaborating with partners to deliver incoming and outgoing trade missions and participation in trade shows.

Promote Commercial R&D Partnerships between Ontario and Korea:

  • Promoting early engagement to foster commercial R&D partnerships between Ontario and Korean companies.

Why Ontario

  • Ontario offers an array of competitive incentives for businesses, including government grants, loans, tax credits, and support services.
  • Ontario boasts a most highly-skilled and educated workers in the world.
  • Ontario is a vibrant hub for a wide spectrum of industries employing the most cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions to address the world’s greatest challenges.