• Ontario is a place where bold ideas come to life, tackling some of the biggest challenges the world has ever seen. It is a premier destination for life sciences with a unique and collaborative innovation ecosystem where highly skilled workers perform cutting edge research and development. With the lowest business costs in the G7, Ontario has what it takes for life sciences companies to grow and prosper. The same pioneering spirit that led to the discovery of insulin in Ontario decades ago is now leading to game-changing technologies such as 3D bioprinters and techniques to boost stem cell renewal. A research powerhouse with 4 of the 10 top Canadian research universities, 10 of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and more than $9.7B of exported life sciences good and services, Ontario is your life science destination. 

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  • Investors looking for a place with stable economic and political environments, and a strong innovation ecosystem to support their businesses need to look no further than Ontario, Canada. Our highly educated, skilled, multilingual and multicultural financial services workforce is 365,000 strong and accounts for nearly half of Canada’s financial services employment. Global financial leaders have recognized the competitive advantages they can gain by relocating or expanding their operations here including access to major cities in the United States. Ontario is home to Canada’s four largest banks, more than half of the world’s top 10 banks by market capitalization, has two of the top 20 global pensions, and so much more. Come to Ontario, a place with the creativity and energy to make your business prosper.

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  • The rapid growth of green energy has inspired Ontario entrepreneurs and researchers to develop disruptive technologies for utilities and consumers alike. Ontario has implemented the largest smart meter rollout in North America, with over 4.8 million meters installed and was the first jurisdiction in the world to institute mandatory time of use pricing. Ontario’s smart grid innovators are also tapping into the information technology expertise in their backyard. Ontario is home to the second-largest IT cluster in North America. That energy-IT combination creates powerful synergies pushing the development of even smarter grid technologies.

    Canadian companies enjoy the lowest costs among their G7 competitors for R&D, software development and advanced manufacturing. Canada also has free trade agreements in place which can significantly reduce tariffs and duties. In addition, the current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar against many major currencies favours international buyers. Ontario companies are leveraging their experience and technologies to help companies and utilities worldwide.

    Ontario companies interested in finding new partners and clients in the South Korean market will be showcasing their innovations at the Ontario pavilion.

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  • Ontario is a place where you will find a highly educated and talented workforce, lower labour costs, and a broad ecosystem for innovation and R&D. World leaders in big data and cloud computing, data centres, microelectronics, digital media, security encryption, mobile gaming, mobile payments, wireless, telecom and networks and seven of the 10 largest tech companies in the world conduct R&D in Ontario. If Ontario’s ICT sector were its own country, its economy would be bigger than roughly half of the countries around the globe. With over 23,000 firms, nearly 315,000 workers, $41B of Ontario’s GDP, and $7.4B in exports, Ontario is the place to be. 

    ConnecTechAsia is Asia’s largest and most established international ICT event in the region. It encompasses three unique collocated shows with each showcasing new innovation from various tech industries—ranging from broadcast to information and communications and other disruptive technologies. Target areas include telecommunications, wireless, 5G, SDNs,future networks and emerging technologies. 

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  • Ontario, Canada is home to a remarkable cluster of top-rated institutions, researchers, developers and manufactures in the life sciences sector. Join us at Medical Japan and meet with some of Ontario’s innovative talent. To learn more,

  • Ontario is North America's second largest information technology (IT) hub, and a global centre for innovation and R&D in transformative technology such as AI, quantum computing and 5G networks. Exceptional talent and competitive costs attract global tech giants while a thriving innovation ecosystem boosts homegrown start-ups. For an opportunity to meet with Ontario’s talent,

  • The Singapore Airshow is Asia’s largest aerospace and defence event and features two high-level conferences, the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit and the Asia Pacific Security Conference. In 2018, the Singapore Airshow saw more than 55,000 attendees from participating companies from 147 countries & regions including 70 of the top 100 global aerospace companies.

    The Ontario government will lead a mission of companies to the Singapore Airshow 2020. Mission members will participate in pre-arranged business to business (B2B) meetings and targeted business programming. For more information,

  • With a major financial hub and thriving information and communications technology (ICT) sector, Ontario has become a major player in creating powerful and secure financial technology (fintech) solutions for international buyers. Meet up to ten Ontario companies with deep experience in creating bank-grade payment, cybersecurity or financial service solutions at the Singapore Fintech Festival.

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  • Global vehicle manufacturers looking for lighter, stronger, safer and smarter automotive components and systems are turning to Ontario companies. We have a well-earned reputation for just-in-time delivery of top-quality products. For your chance to explore business partnerships with top Ontario automotive parts and technology companies, be sure to visit the Ontario Pavilion at the 2019 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition. To learn more or to set up a meeting with Ontario automotive companies,

  • Ontario companies are renowned for advances in green build and smart city technologies. Discover these products and services and more at the Architecture + Construction Material Show (AC Show). Up to eight Ontario companies with experience supplying or supporting building products will be on hand with a wide range of services and products to meet any construction need.

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