JSI is a trusted partner of hundreds of law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies worldwide. Our platform, 4Sight, allows agencies to combine any number of disparate data sources into a single system that is highly intuitive and visually focused. 4Sight includes a vast and ever-expanding set of data collectors supporting structured and unstructured data; a library of Law Enforcement Activity (LEA) and Intel-focused enrichments; a set of intuitive processing and analytical interfaces; and the ability to extend any aspect of the platform to suit your agency’s needs. With 4Sight, organizations spend less of their time working with their data. Instead, they see patterns, understand trends and gain perspective.

Objectives at International Security Expo/International Cyber Expo 2022
Interested in meeting representatives of international law enforcement, national security, and defense agencies who are involved in assessing lawful interception and data fusion solutions. We are also keen to connect with other vendors in complementary technology areas such as open-source intelligence collection, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and data mediation.

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Date: September 27 - 28, 2022

Event contact

Rita Patlan
Area Director
Europe: Aerospace and Defence, Environmental Technologies and Infrastructure


10 in total