Instant health data in 30 seconds

NuraLogix is the original creator of the world’s first contactless blood pressure and vital sign monitoring technology. Its core product Anura uses the camera on a mobile device to provide over 30 medical-grade health and wellness measurements in just 30 seconds.

Founded in Toronto in 2015, its ground-breaking technology has been endorsed globally through peer-reviewed publications and clinical research collaborations.

It currently holds over 13 registered patents and employs more than 70 staff around the globe, including neuroscientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, biomedical and software engineers, psychologists, physicians and more.

Founded: 2015
Staff: 70
Annual sales (USD): $1M+

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Date: September 28 - 30, 2022

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Mauricio Ospina
Area Director
USA: Information and Communications Technology and Automotive


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