Vigurus is the exclusive global purveyor of patented Sp1ke™ Tips & Mesh biomimetic structural science. Having received 46 utility patent allowances, Vigurus maintains 21 grants actively worldwide, such as: US8777191B2 / CA2666411C / JP5654575B2 / AU2009346735B / CN102483124B / MX336039B / KR101619565B1 / EP2433027B1.

Vigurus provides proprietary cushioning and padding for medical, health and wellness products, support surfaces for all modes of transportation, personal protection (helmets to insoles) and unique consumer products. Sp1ke™ geometry offers unrivalled systems for energy absorption, load management and pressure distribution, vibration and acoustic damping and impact mitigation across myriad applications.

For personal health, fitness and comfort aids, Vigurus offers exceptional enhancement of blood/oxygen flow, posture, proprioception and somatosensory learning for everywhere people sit, stand, kneel or lay; at work, rest or play.

Sp1ke™ products and components are manufactured from advanced closed-cell hydrophobic and pathogen-resistant EVA foams, including Vigurus’ proprietary formulations for low-toxicity and high flame resistance and other specialized application-specific polymers.

Product / Service Information
Target customers range from wheelchair-dependent persons at great risk of pressure wounds and injury (especially that 25% who haven’t yet found safe sitting solutions), to the elderly and less active, to everyone who sits or stands for protracted periods in vehicles, office chairs, workstations, etc. and experiences discomfort, numbness and pain. The pandemic has brought increasing awareness of health concerns worsened by sedentary lifestyles (where Vigurus now identify concerns like “sitting disease”). The exceptional performance of Sp1ke™ products in improving blood/oxygen circulation, posture, balance, safety and comfort fit perfectly with emerging interest and requirements. Regular consumers and those with special needs are more than ever seeking peer-endorsed self-directed solutions to their lifestyle needs as online-buying-savvy, new-age consumers who are postured to find better products from around the world. Many more will be directed to Sp1ke™ by confident recommendations from ADP and related professional/health care institutions, therapists and vendors.

Objectives at Medical Japan Tokyo 2022
The market benefits to foreign companies selling into Japan, in particular within the medical devices segment, are well-publicized. Astutely serving the growing needs of aging populations throughout Asia for safety, comfort and health support is an excellent match for Vigurus’s technology. Aside from finding distributors, wholesale and/or retail markets for its self-branded products, Vigurus is keenly interested in finding unique opportunities to supply proprietary best-of-breed components using Sp1ke™ technology for a multitude of different manufacturers and product marketers/integrators throughout the region. 

Some areas of interest include: support surfaces for all types of mobility aids from electric scooters to rollators; anti-fatigue and impact mitigation flooring for commercial, industrial and institutional environments; insoles into shoe brands or as standalone products using our North American brand partners or unique white label opportunities within Japan and Korea; sports and policing protection equipment; bicycle seats; mattress and toppers for hospitals, commercial, residential, and marine applications; and various other components or stand alone goods in the hospital and elder care segments, etc.

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Date: October 12 - 14, 2022

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Wenbo Pan
Area Director
Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand


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