TeleVU harnesses the power of AR (Augmented Reality), AI and IoT to build an ecosystem of connected devices and applications to improve health care. Its proprietary software creates a secure real-time audio-visual link via smart glasses between frontline health care providers and remote clinical experts worldwide. Its telepresence solution provides a hands-free POV (Point of View) experience utilizing AR, voice activation and AI to redefine access to specialized medical care, high-quality medical education and digital workflow management. Its digital workflow solution allows for seamless medical training, audits and intelligent checklist integration on smart glasses.

Its connected ecosystem improves access to care for the patient by eliminating geographical barriers to care and enables frontline care providers to deliver better care by being connected to remote specialists. It allows specialists to care for more patients without the need to travel.

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Date: January 30 - February 2, 2023

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Eyad Qudsi
Area Director
Middle East and Africa


16 in total