FacialStats AI Inc. specializes in custom AI solutions. We can combine different types of AI to create advanced systems that will help clients strengthen their security, facilitate resource management and use analytics to generate valuable information. We can offer both on premise and/or cloud systems. Our target industries are security, government and retail.

Products and Services

  • Biometric terminals with facial recognition, QR code reader, touch screen, RFID reader and fingerprint sensor; used for security, identity verification and attendance control. Our main customers are any company/ organization dealing with staff verification, who need “all in one” devices with different authentication levels or looking for facial recognition solutions.
  • Facial recognition for stadiums, using a system (with IP cameras) for Blacklist identification at the entrances. We can customize the system to each stadium depending on their access process.
  • Facial recognition for prisons; using a system (with biometric terminals) to identify and register every inmate’s visitors and keep records such as: how many times a person visits an inmate, alerts if the visitor tries to use a different name, list of visitors per inmate, etc. The system can be modified according to the prison needs.

Our Biometric Terminals are the only devices in the market that offer five authentication levels in just one device. Clients can use all levels at the same time or choose to combine some of them. We also provide clients with the ability to customize and with options that suit their specific needs according to their context.

Objectives at Ontario ICT Virtual Export Business Mission to Mexico

We aim to reach out to the two types of clients that we’ve been more successful with so far, stadiums and prisons.

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Date: November 10 - December 15, 2022

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Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


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