ARHT is a pioneering global leader in live hologram technology. Thanks to its proprietary end-to-end technology, executives, medical experts, educators, entertainers, talents, and opinion leaders can travel to any destination at the speed of light.

ARHT captures, transmits, and beams holograms of presenters in high-quality images and with ultra-low latency as lifelike holograms to appear remotely in one or multiple places at once and deliver memorable live interactions with an in-person audience.

ARHT was founded in Canada and created with the idea that presenters can powerfully reach audiences, build relationships and motivate teams without having to travel, thereby saving time and the planet.

With offices in Canada, Europe and Asia, ARHT operates from its own studios in 23 locations from Toronto to Sydney and a large network of WeWork and partner studios with certified, trained technicians around the world that help us deliver impactful experiences anywhere on the globe without compromise.

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Date: June 6 - 9, 2023

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Emerson Cheng
Senior International Market Consultant


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