Smart community solution for multi-family communities

SmartONE solutions has created a new product category, which is the smart community, and it connects hundreds or thousands of smart homes together into communities and offers new levels of security, sustainability, and convenience.

Telecommunication providers are bundling SmartONE technology with internet service in multi-family developments to create a smart community offering that captures all of the internet revenue in a community and provides pathways for new revenue-generating opportunities.

SmartONE has proven this model and executed agreements with two of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada, contracted in more than 200 buildings and over 60,000 homes.

Founded: 2016
Staff: 65
Annual sales USD: $1M+

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Date: September 26 - 28, 2023

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Mauricio Ospina
Area Director
USA: Information and Communications Technology and Automotive


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