Akimbo’s DEFENSA Marine inline plug-and-play solution (H/W and S/W) is designed to protect and heal existing military and commercial vessels in real-time as they are used without relying on a cloud connection. Applying its patented fault-tolerant computing solution in-vessel, the ship’s internal NMEA 2000 (N2K) network is monitored and cleansed in real-time to safeguard against cyberattacks. Additionally, it functions without relying on, or delaying, a cloud connection. This means its solution works equally well in port as it does in the middle of the Pacific, in peaceful water or wartime conditions, or in wealthy regions versus those financially challenged. The solution can be easily serviced after installation with simple sparing and plug-and-play replacement. DEFENSA Marine can easily and affordably add to an existing ship already built and in use. Once installed, all DEFENSA devices are monitored, alerts displayed, and the system managed from a central console in the bridge or elsewhere on the ship.

DEFENSA’s Embedded option (S/W only) delivers cyber resilience to ships and combat vehicles (autonomous or not) that are still in design. Its patented Embedded option can be co-located on existing engine control units (ECUs) to function similarly to the Inline option without our purpose-built hardware. Or, it can be designed on multiple ECUs to dynamically assign, revoke, and reassign processing authority to heal cyberattacks and to provide real-time critical application/subsystem redundancy without requiring a cloud connection.

Akimbo is completing a Canadian Navy-funded project and is about to conduct navy field testing in Canada.

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Date: September 12 - 15, 2023

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