Vigurus Technologies Inc. holds the exclusive global rights to the patented technology of Sp1ke Inc. (its wholly-owned subsidiary company). Sp1ke™’s biomimetic structural science has been awarded 45 utility patent allowances and actively maintains 21 worldwide. Vigurus develops, markets, manufacturers and licenses proprietary cushioning and padding products for: seating surfaces for all modes of transportation; medical, health and wellness; full body personal protection; protection of vulnerable equipment; and unique consumer products – all utilizing the unique geometry of Sp1ke™. It provides proprietary systems across myriad product applications for comfort, impact, vibration and acoustic damping, and load management and pressure relief.

In partnership with Starr Aircraft Products under the Starr Impression brand, Vigurus products offer unrivaled enhancement of comfort, blood/oxygen flow, posture, and proprioception for aircraft seating. Seat frame manufacturers for all forms of commercial and military aircraft, airline cabin design and procurement professionals, and similar providers of seating and cabin support surfaces for rail, bus, and marine applications.

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Date: November 11 - 13, 2023

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Eyad Qudsi
Area Director
Middle East and Africa


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