Sera4 provides the most reliable, scalable and secure keyless access control system for remote sites and critical infrastructure.  Sera4 makes mobile credentials work in places that are often forgotten but still very important, and by doing so solves the problem of how to give access to people at a distance when sharing a key, a card or a fob would be impractical or insecure.

Teleporte® is Sera4’s complete solution for enterprise access control that delivers operational efficiency, safety, audit compliance and physical security to critical infrastructure such as telecom towers, electrical substations, utility assets and fiber-optic nodes. It ensures the centralized management of digital keys, giving you the ability to authorize or revoke individual user privileges in real-time with easily configurable reports and notifications. 

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Date: February 27 - 29, 2024

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Lindsay Patel
Area Director
USA: Environmental Technologies and Infrastructure


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