Industrial-grade, open-source RISC-V IP cores

OpenHW Group is a not-for-profit, global organization driven by its members and individual contributors where hardware and software designers collaborate in the development of open-source cores, related IP, tools and software. OpenHW provides an infrastructure for hosting high-quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices.

OpenHW Group provides industrial-grade, verified, and documented open-source RISC-V IP and maintenance. It specializes in a wide range of IP offerings, from deep embedded and low-power gate count solutions to embedded AI machines and application-class CPU IP capable of running Linux.

Get your industrial grade, verified, open source RISC-V Core from the OpenHW Group and start designing your next SoC now by focusing on your differentiation!

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Date: June 4 - 7, 2024

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Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


10 in total