“Electric Vehicle Transmission”

Inmotive is the Canadian-based inventor of the Ingear, an ultra-efficient multi-speed powertrain technology suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. The Ingear enhances the range of electric vehicles at a minimal additional cost and weight while ensuring continuous torque during seamless gear shifts. Its robust design further augments torque, acceleration, gradability, and top speed. The innovation is safeguarded by 23 issued patents and 46 pending patents. With its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and additional offices in Europe and China, Inmotive envisions a future where it has expedited the global shift to affordable zero-emission mobility and significantly contributed to climate change mitigation. As part of its journey towards this vision, Inmotive’s present mission is to establish Ingear as the leading multi-speed EV transmission solution by the year 2030.

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Date: May 22 - 24, 2024

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Stephen Ip
Senior International Market Consultant
Japan and Korea


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