Forward Water Technologies (FWTC) is a Canadian manufacturing company specializing in the design and operation of industrial forward osmosis systems, using advanced proprietary technologies and processes.

FWTC FO systems extract clean, pure water from challenging wastewater streams by osmosis, a naturally occurring and spontaneous process. FO is not a pressure driven process and as such does not suffer the issues, challenges or high operating costs commonly associated with RO and UF membrane operations. FWTC FO systems are modular in design and shipped pre-assembled allowing for quick "plug-an-play" installation. Standard treatment design is from 15 m3/day to 4,500 m3/day for TDS treatment ranges between 40,000 ppm to 240,000 ppm.

FWTC designs, commissions and operates FO systems on client sites, commonly under a Build/Own/Operate (BOO) or Build/Own/Operate/Transfer (BOOT) model. Clients have the option of purchasing FWTC FO systems directly from local company representatives or directly from FWTC.

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