Netsweeper is a leading provider of carrier-grade URL filtering solutions worldwide. Our suite of software and network solutions helps telcos and ISPs meet local legislative regulations with the lowest total cost of ownership and required scalability. Netsweeper uses advanced AI to identify illegal online content in real-time, and our platform has been developed to deliver the data your business customers want, reducing churn and increasing average revenue per user. Founded in 1999, Netsweeper has a global presence servicing a network footprint of over 1 billion users and operates in over 60 countries.

Content filtering, safeguarding, and countrywide content filtering.

Many ISPs worldwide filter CSAM (child sexual abuse material) in their network to comply with the law in their country or to fulfil their responsibility as a good corporate citizen. Netsweeper offers a lower cost and efficient method to filter CSAM using the combination of our BGP Routing and Out-Of-Band web filtering technology. With our technology, an ISP can filter CSAM in their network using as little as a single server.

Netsweeper would like to make connections with telcos and government officials with responsibilities for the internet in their country.

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Date: May 31 - June 3, 2022

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Emerson Cheng
Senior International Market Consultant


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