SOTI is a proven leader at creating innovative solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of business-critical mobility and the IoT. Thousands of companies around the world depend on us to secure, manage and support their mobile operations. SOTI’s two decades of success has built strong partnerships with leading mobile platform providers and device manufacturers. These relationships give us unparalleled insight into new technology and industry trends before they happen. SOTI is a proven innovator — clear vision, laser focus and a commitment to R&D has made us the market leader at delivering exciting, new business mobility solutions. SOTI helps businesses take mobility to endless possibilities.

The era of desktop computing has ended. In its place, mobile technology and IoT devices are taking over, streamlining business operations. Companies need solutions that support their mobility strategy now more than ever – they need the SOTI ONE Platform.

SOTI ONE platform, intuitively integrates all Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) needs into one unique, easy-to-use platform. It helps reduce the cost, complexity and downtime related to business-critical mobility. Comprised of seven unique and revolutionary components, the SOTI ONE Platform removes functional silos to create a single platform that helps to eliminate downtime, build apps faster and manage all mobile and IoT devices in one place.

It’s the mobile-first era. Companies are investing in devices, apps, content and solutions to minimize downtime, and maximize mobile productivity.

The only solution of its kind in the market, the SOTI ONE Platform is comprised of six revolutionary products. When everything is connected, the SOTI ONE Platform makes mobile and IoT business operations simpler, smarter and more reliable. The integrated SOTI ONE Platform reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of your business-critical mobile operations.

We would also like to be introduced to key partners/ISV’s and customers in ASEAN region who are assisting organizations such as T&L, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Emergency services, Healthcare, Field Service/remote workers with mobility requirements.

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Date: May 31 - June 3, 2022

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Emerson Cheng
Senior International Market Consultant


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