Gastops designs, manufactures and supports advanced equipment health sensing and analysis products, including on-line oil debris sensors, torque measurement sensors, turbine blade health sensors, and at-line wear debris analyzers. Additionally, we offer a wide range of specialized technical and engineering services to assist in the development of equipment control and monitoring systems, and maintenance of mission-critical assets.

We have applied our equipment condition analysis engineering capabilities to develop and execute fleet maintenance programs which transform maintenance from the traditional scheduled or reactive maintenance, to a more proactive condition based approach. This approach has also exposed us to the industry need to provide high performance, responsive, maintenance, repair and overhaul services for high value aviation components.

For 40 years, our solutions have been used in Defense, Aerospace, Energy and Marine applications to optimize the availability, productivity, maintenance, performance and safety of mission-critical assets. We offer peace of mind to our customers by supporting the equipment that helps their aircraft fly, ships sail, trains roll, generators generate, and turbines turn.

Competitive Advantages

Engineered for the exacting quality standards of the aerospace market and serving as a trusted data source for manufacturer innovation, Gastops’ lubrication system health monitoring solutions helps aerospace fleet operators:

  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate unplanned repair and assessment costs
  • Eliminate secondary damage
  • Increase flight readiness
  • Predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of equipment
  • Enable predictive maintenance

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