Newform tools is a family business that started about 35 years ago. We are transitioning into second generation with three brothers involved with the business. Our main focus is to be one of the world leaders in quality and innovation when it comes to manufacturing HSS blades and TCT circular saw blades in the metal cutting industry. We sell to many different countries around the world and our goal is to open up multiple facilities/service shops to service better our customers. Our main products are HSS shear blades for cutting steel tubing, and HSS circular saw blades and TCT circular saw blades for cutting steel tubing and solid bar. We have all the necessary equipment to produce our blades from start to finish in our facility from heat treatment to PVD coating.

To develop new relationships and learn more about the Mexican market. Also, hopefully meet some new customers.

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Date: October 5 - 7, 2022

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Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


7 in total