Rockmass Technologies is an industry leading geotechnical and geological data automation solutions provider serving the world’s largest mining companies across five continents. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, RockMass Technologies’ solutions improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of data collection and processing by enabling users to capture, synchronize and visualize data in real-time. By enabling access to reliable datasets, RockMass Technologies empowers users to reduce model uncertainty and make the best possible operational decisions.

Products and Services

RockMass Technologies offers hardware and software solutions for geologists and geotechnical engineers to some of the world’s largest mining companies. Our hardware offering The Mapper is a handheld hardware device that enables the scanning of rock faces. Using LiDAR technology, the scanner captures geological data of rock faces in underground mines and automatically populates the data into formats that can be easily analyzed by experts. The device touch screen allows users to annotate directly onto scans of rock faces, and the export function automatically transfers data into a variety of downstream software platforms. Our software solution Lithos powers the hardware device that enables users to capture critical geological data and export it directly into our complementary cloud software Stratus which stores geological data.

Objectives at IMARC 2022

RockMass Technologies’ goals in participating in this trade mission are to generate leads and conduct product demonstrations in order to create and win new sales opportunities in the Australian market.

We would like to have several meetings with prospects set up in advance prior to traveling to Australia. Specifically, we are looking to meet with senior mining executives with purchasing authority.

RockMass is also interested in evaluating a customer support network (independent consultant or technology company) to aid in its international expansion to Australia.

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Event details

Date: November 2 - 4, 2022

Event contact

Wenbo Pan
Team Lead
Asia, Middle East & Africa


7 in total