SightPower globally provides digital transformation of a mine site and integration of all mining operations under the trademark Digital Mine™. The concept of Digital Mine assumes integration into unified informational space data provided by monitoring, IoT and fleet management systems as well as simulation and modelling systems which are being used. Digital Mine allows the client to make effective business decisions by obtaining uninterrupted access to the distributed newly collected and historical mine spatial data regardless of its volume and actual location of data servers. The Digital Mine concept facilitates to optimize mine-to-mill operations providing operational transparency and effective microplanning.

Implementation of the Digital Mine concept is based on the Mine Advisor™ platform which includes a suite of instruments for geological modeling, mine design and planning, automated surveying with laser-based technologies, and informational support of mineshaft lifecycle with best-in-class visualization engine.

Products and Services

SightPower offers creation of a DIGITAL TWIN – a virtual model of a mine which enables a design of the optimal path to mine development with confidence, minimizing risks. Our solutions are fully customized to address the unique challenges of your mining operations and your company. Any legacy or new hardware, communication systems or software solutions can be seamlessly incorporated into the unified information space and digital twin of a mine. Mine Advisor open architecture allows to tailor turn-key solutions for various customers.

As a part of Digital Mine implementation or separately SightPower provides a suite of unique special solutions:

  • Informational support of mineshaft lifecycle, including ice-wall simulation models for mineshafts which are being built, and automated mineshaft inspection systems
  • Variant modeling for mines which are at risk of flooding (prevention, optimization of preventing measures etc.)
  • Variant modeling for tailing dam failures

Objectives at IMARC 2022

SightPower is looking for new customers and partners, and new business opportunities in the Australian and New Zealand mining market.

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Date: November 2 - 4, 2022

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