AquaSensing, a University of Waterloo spin-off company, has recently launched the world’s first battery-free, wireless water-leak detection devices. This innovative smart city solution leverages AquaSensing's expertise in energy-harvesting nanotechnology. Its self-powering sensors provide users with a true maintenance-free, real-time, wireless notification system for leaks and flooding. By using water to power its sensors, AquaSensing not only provides user convenience but also eliminates environmental waste from depleted batteries.

AquaSensing water leak detection devices efficiently utilize the energy harvested during water sensing to power a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon sent to a cloud-connected gateway. The gateway can be programmed to notify property owners via WiFi or LTE (Long Term Evolution), wherever they are. The device’s small dimension makes it easy to install in any remote and compact location. Without requiring a power source, the devices can be left as sentinels guarding against water damage for decades. During property construction or maintenance, the sensors can even be left behind dry wall or placed in hard-to-reach areas. AquaSensing’s patent-pending energy harvesting nanomaterials are environmentally friendly, further contributing to its role as a green solution.

AquaSensing’s leak detection devices are ideal for both residential buildings and industrial complexes. Through timely leak detection, it can save insurance companies the billions of dollars they pay yearly for water damage claims. To date, the company has received numerous awards for its revolutionary technology.

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