Web-based distributed middle-layer computing

Founded in 2017, Distributive is a technology company headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, focused on removing barriers to digital transformation by making large-scale computing abundant, accessible and affordable. Distributive’s team has developed a web-based high throughput computing platform that is easy to use and a tenth of the cost of commercial cloud.

Distributive serves cloud-averse enterprises who have data privacy/security constraints and who want to reduce their cloud computing spend, e.g. hospitals, genomics clinics, manufacturers; decision-makers with problems that require computationally intensive solutions, e.g. innovation officers, finance, business ops, CTO, decision-support, directors, analytics, informatics; and IT administrators. Distributive has successfully delivered distributed computing solutions to universities, hospitals, aerospace companies and manufacturers.

  • Founded: 2017
  • Staff: 36
  • Annual sales (USD): $1M+

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Date: January 5 - 8, 2023

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Mauricio Ospina
Area Director
USA: Information and Communications Technology and Automotive


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