Patagona Technologies is a Canadian software development company specializing in building software for defence and cybersecurity applications. Its primary product is THREATDESK, the world’s first completely AI-driven threat intelligence platform. THREATDESK uses advanced artificial intelligence to scan your organization for potential physical and digital security threats and provide real-time alerts. THREATDESK has access to hundreds of data sources, including social media platforms, news, forums and deep and dark websites. THREATDESK can identify active physical security threats, online disinformation campaigns, information security breaches and potential cybersecurity threats.

Patagona’s objectives at Cybertech Global Tel Aviv 2023 are to meet new customers, such as security service providers and security software companies, and identify channel partners to bring its technology to established markets.

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Date: January 30 - February 1, 2023

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Carla Tsambourlianos
Asia, Middle-East and Africa


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