Since 2014, 3dEYE has been empowering the security industry to connect, migrate and scale IP camera installations and IoT devices to the AWS or private cloud and orchestrate multiple systems integrations. 3dEYE is a cybersecure, pure cloud video management platform with no necessary server/bridge purchase or installation. The platform is camera-agnostic (including body-worn cameras, drones, mobile trailers, etc.) and ideal for multi-site and multi-brand deployments to achieve true, AI-fuelled proactive security and power your operators to investigate smarter and faster. The platform features an admin panel, alarm station, video portal and AI analytics, including heat mapping, object detection, classification and tracking, face recognition, hard hats and PPE detection, ALPR, people counting and colour search.

In-market client reference: ZAIN Telecom.

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Date: February 20 - 24, 2023

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Eyad Qudsi
Area Director
Middle East and Africa


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