With a decade of proven performance, Deep Trekker is one of the largest underwater robotics manufacturers in the world. Delivering cutting-edge vehicles to industries including defence, search and recovery, shipping, infrastructure and energy, Deep Trekker’s portable robotic solutions are built to conquer complex missions. Renowned for innovation, precision engineering and quality products, Deep Trekker’s product ranges include remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), pipe crawlers and utility crawlers that solve a suite of environmental and industrial issues.

The mini observation-class DTG3 ROV and the completely reimagined REVOLUTION ROV utilize BRIDGE technology, allowing for advanced features and third-party integrations, including sonar and USBL. Furthermore, advanced stabilization features allow operators to station hold against currents, enable auto altitude and pilot their vehicle precisely through varying water conditions.

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Date: February 20 - 24, 2023

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Eyad Qudsi
Area Director
Middle East and Africa


10 in total