GeoMate is a leading HD mapping company that provides precise and up-to-date maps for the AV, ADAS and urban mobility industries. It uses cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning technology to extract urban environment features from aerial images. The results are HD maps that enable autonomous vehicles to navigate and understand their surroundings with high accuracy and reliability.

These HD maps are its flagship product, produced more quickly and at a much lower cost than traditional lidar-based alternatives. GeoMate leverages comparatively lower-cost geospatial inputs (aerial imagery) that allows it to create maps completely remotely, with no fieldwork on the ground required. Its maps are already powering driverless vehicles in the real world. It works with leading automotive companies like Magna International, which rely on its data to test, develop and operate their self-driving vehicles.  

Product Information
GeoMate’s HD maps provide autonomous vehicles with an underlying base map against which to compare live data from its sensors and cameras. This detailed information about the road network helps AVs understand, navigate and operate appropriately within their surroundings. More specifically, the road model of HD maps provides a detailed representation of the road network, giving AV information about road geometry and connectivity. The lane model draws from geometric and semantic information about lane connectivity; this includes the number, location and directionality of lanes, as well as intersection layout and curvature. The localization model helps a vehicle know where it is in space and operate accordingly, relying on precise locations of vertical features and relevant signage like speed limit or stop signs. GeoMate’s target customers are OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and research institutes in the AV and ADAS space.

Differentiation Factor(s)
One of the biggest barriers to autonomous driving is mapping at scale. AVs cannot operate safely without HD maps. Mapping has traditionally been an extremely time- and resource-intensive process, and with urban landscapes ever-evolving, maps need to be able to keep up. Traditional HD maps are produced with lidar data, which requires extensive fieldwork to collect. GeoMate’s maps are produced by extracting all necessary features from aerial images instead of lidar sensors; the results are HD maps that are just as detailed and accurate but produced and updated more quickly and at half the cost. The competitive advantages for companies in the AV, ADAS and urban mobility industries are simple: game-changing cost savings on high-quality HD maps, with the potential for scalable global coverage.

GeoMate’s main goal for joining this trade mission is to make connections with major players in the AV and ADAS space on the global stage. It is looking to network and form relationships with potential customers and partners. Expanding its customer base and forging partnerships will help GeoMate expand its market share and improve its competitive advantage in the global automotive market. It truly believes in its product and ability to advance autonomous driving operations worldwide, and we’re excited to partner with automotive and mobility companies to make this happen.

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Date: May 24 - 26, 2023

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