VueReal, a semiconductor and cleantech company, has developed a MicroSolid Printing platform, enabling the efficient, practical and scalable production of microLED/microSensor applications. This platform extends the use of microLED/microSensors to automotive, aerospace, smartwatch, smartphone, TV, IT, medical, and more. VueReal has used its platform to develop and commercialize microLED displays for different applications in North America.

Product Information
VueReal offers custom product designs and developments. VueReal can engage with its partners from feasibility studies, proof of concept and prototype and pilot samples to mass productions. In addition, VueReal offers its MicroSolid Printing solutions under licensing and cartridge supply agreements so that its partners can develop and produce different products at volume at their facilities.

Differentiation Factor(s)
VueReal MicroSolid printing offers high yield, high throughput, low cost and scalable process for the development of microLED displays or microSensor systems. VueReal custom display products range from super high-resolution (>3000 ppi) for personalized augmented reality to high transparency displays (>70%) for public augmented reality.

Finding partners, suppliers, investors and customers.

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Date: May 24 - 26, 2023

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Stephen Ip
Senior International Market Consultant
Japan and Korea


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