GeoMate is a leading HD mapping company that provides precise and up-to-date maps for the AV, ADAS and urban mobility industries. It uses cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning technology to extract urban environment features from aerial images. The results are HD maps that enable autonomous vehicles to navigate and understand their surroundings with high accuracy and reliability.

These HD maps are its flagship product, produced more quickly and at a much lower cost than traditional lidar-based alternatives. GeoMate leverages comparatively lower-cost geospatial inputs (aerial imagery) that allows it to create maps completely remotely, with no fieldwork on the ground required. Its maps are already powering driverless vehicles in the real world. It works with leading automotive companies like Magna International, which rely on its data to test, develop and operate their self-driving vehicles.

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Date: September 5 - 8, 2023

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Patrick Barry
Area Director
Europe: Automotive and Life Sciences


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