Untether was founded in 2008 and driven by a singular purpose: making AI workloads run faster and cooler so users can truly realize the potential of AI everywhere. Untether AI was created to address the key compute and efficiency bottleneck for AI workloads - memory access and data movement. More than 90 percent of the power consumption in AI workloads is from the movement of data. Untether AI moves the compute element to where the data is stored, reducing the power consumption for data transfer by 6 times. This is the fundamental innovation that allows the company to provide unprecedented compute density, untethered to traditional approaches. Untether AI is re-writing the rules for compute architectures. Designed from the ground up for AI inference workloads, the runAI200® architecture provides best-in-class performance for running neural networks.

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Date: September 5 - 8, 2023

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Patrick Barry
Area Director
Europe: Automotive and Life Sciences


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