DeepCode specializes in advanced cyber security solutions, focusing on cyber intelligence and both offensive and defensive cyber operations. Founded by a former member of the Canadian military with extensive experience in cyber intelligence, DeepCode stands out in the cybersecurity landscape through its unparalleled cyber intelligence capabilities and comprehensive service offerings, tailored for defence agencies, intelligence communities, law enforcement, and IT teams. The comprehensive suite of services includes reverse engineering, active defence strategies, malware analysis, dark web monitoring, cyber intelligence gathering, threat assessments, and vulnerability research. Its phishing simulations and cybersecurity consultancy further support its clients' needs for robust security measures. DeepCode's mission is to empower its clients with accurate, relevant, timely, and actionable cyber intelligence, ensuring a decisive edge against cyber-based threats. Its clientele spans governmental and private sectors, reflecting its expertise in navigating the complex cyber landscape to protect and secure digital assets.

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DeepCode excels in cyber intelligence, offering unparalleled insights into cyber threats. Its proprietary tool, TrashPanda, plays a pivotal role in enhancing these services by aggregating leaked credentials from over 100 sources on the internet, including black markets and cybercrime data-sharing networks. This tool has amassed over 250 million lines of account details from 2.5 million compromised hosts. DeepCode’s experience with military cyber intelligence and surveillance of state-sponsored threat actors is a key enabler for defence agencies, intelligence communities, law enforcement, and IT teams with limited resources looking for a decisive edge in cyber security.

At the World IT Show Korea, DeepCode is actively seeking to collaborate with local organizations and authorities to share its expertise and contribute to enhancing regional cyber resilience. Its international team, fluent in five languages, is well-prepared to navigate the linguistic and cultural nuances of these markets, ensuring effective communication and collaboration. It hopes to establish connections with potential clients and partners in Korea, Japan, and the broader Asian region who are in dire need of experienced cybersecurity professionals, but also to contribute positively to the cyber resilience of organizations in Asia, fostering a safer digital environment in the face of growing cyber threats.

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Date: April 17 - 19, 2024

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Stephen Ip
Senior International Market Consultant
Japan and Korea


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