NuraLogix Corporation is a pioneer in the development of Affective AI and the creator of the world's first contactless blood pressure measurement technology. The company's patented cloud-based Affective AI Platform- DeepAffex® can measure over 100 health and wellness parameters using a conventional video camera.

Product Information
Anura® is the world’s first and most comprehensive video-based health and wellness measurement app. The application uses the camera on your mobile device to assess your general wellness, providing medical grade measurements using data gathered from a 30-second video selfie. Anura® can measure and assess vitals, physiological, mental, physical, general risks, metabolic risks, and blood biomarkers.

Anura® is backed by several clinical studies and research publications. Furthermore, the product is backed with 17 US patents and is fully compliant with global data regulations. The integration of the product allows for cost and time savings for the clients. It allows access to health data in less than 30 seconds and allows the clients to use and leverage the health data for useful insights and information.

NuraLogix Corporation has partnered with more than 100 customers across the local and international markets. These include multinational corporations, SMEs, and startups. The company is rapidly growing its presence in both the domestic and international markets.

NuraLogix Corporation has existing and new business relationships with multinational corporations and SMEs in the Korean and Japanese regions. The company and its representatives are actively working with new companies and organizations interested in the product/service.

  • To seek business partners and business opportunities.
  • To improve the visibility and presence of NuraLogix in the Korean region.
  • To network with professionals and industry experts
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Date: April 17 - 19, 2024

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Stephen Ip
Senior International Market Consultant
Japan and Korea


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