Orion Biotechnology is a clinical stage company founded in 2017, with established R&D operations in Geneva, Switzerland and headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. Orion is the only company with a novel approach to target previously undruggable peptide and protein GPCRs. Enabled by its proprietary PROcisionXTM platform, Orion offers one of the fastest drug discovery solutions in industry. The company’s technology can go after 80+ valuable class A and class B GPCRs implicated in cardiometabolic and immunological diseases, as well as inflammation and oncology. Orion’s Phase1 ready CCR5 program in oncology provides an innovative monotherapy strategy to treat refractory metastatic CRC. Its CCR2 program is focused on systemic sclerosis, an indication with no approved disease modifying drugs.

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Date: November 6 - 8, 2023

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Patrick Barry
Area Director
Europe: Automotive and Life Sciences


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