TREVENTIS™ Corporation is dedicated to treating and preventing protein misfolding diseases. its innovative drug programs, powered by a combination of unique computational models and deep wetware expertise, aim to stop misfolding of proteins for potential disease modifying therapies in a variety of indications.  Utilizing its proprietary Common Conformational Morphology (CCM) platform, Treventis has the unique ability to develop small molecules which selectively bind to misfolding disease-relevant proteins. This experimentally validated approach is the heart of the company’s discovery engine for design of small molecule anti-misfolding drugs. Treventis currently has 3 main programs:

  • an anti-misfolding tauopathy program (3R, 4R, and mixed) with relevance to FTD, PSP, CTE, and Alzheimer’s disease - Now partnered with Takeda;
  • an anti-p53 misfolding program with potential in a variety of major cancer types; and
  • an anti-misfolding FTD/ALS program targeting TDP-43.

Treventis has an experienced drug discovery and development team with expertise from target validation through Phase 3 clinical, and has built a great team of advisors including L. William McIntosh, MBA (ex-Merck licensing); Brian Metcalf, PhD (noted medicinal chemist / drug hunter; Incyte); and Barry Greenberg, PhD (Director of Johns Hopkins' Alzheimer's Disease Translational Center).

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