QurCan Therapeutics is a biotech company that utilizes next-generation tissue-selective, blood-brain barrier-crossing nanoparticle technology to develop advanced genetic and biological therapeutics. The TERP nanoparticles are engineered with a novel surface chemistry that allows non-immunogenic systemic delivery of nucleotides and other therapeutic molecules to tissues beyond liver. QurCan has developed two novel TERP chemistries with selective delivery to CNS and Spleen:

  • C-TERP: A CNS-penetrating TERP technology, allowing dual-specific transporter-mediated delivery across the BBB
  • S-TERP: A spleen-specific TERP technology for delivery of mRNAs 

TERP’s high degree of tissue and cell targeting, payload flexibility, excellent safety and tolerability, and ease of manufacturing are desirable features that distinguish it from the lipid nanoparticles used for Covid vaccines.  TERP is a breakthrough technology with the great potential to deliver a new era of disease-modifying genetic medicine that will make a difference to patients with a wide range of unmet medical needs.

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  • Mohammad Ali Amini, CEO and Co-Founder

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Date: November 6 - 8, 2023

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