Thermal processing solutions for cathode and anode materials used in Li-ion batteries.

Company Profile 

Founded in 1964, Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd.’s business has focused on the development of high-volume batch and continuous industrial thermal processing systems required to meet the stringent demands of technology development companies. Over the last 60 years, its robust designs have served commercial and captive heat treaters, stamping and fastener companies, automotive component producers, the iron and steel industries, aluminum foundries, agricultural, construction and appliance manufacturers and it has an international reputation for design innovation, quality workmanship and a dedication to service. Can-Eng has users in over 17 countries worldwide and over 1000 installations. With more than 600 kilns installed and commissioned in China, USA, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, all have been well received by some of the largest Li-ion battery material producers.

Can-Eng maintains its focus on the future needs of industry and as a result has expanded its organization to include Evergreen Kiln Technologies, LLC., whose primary focus is to provide thermal processing solutions for manufacturers of cathode and anode materials. Through a technology partnership with a well-known Asian-based developer of Anode and Cathode processing technologies, Evergreen Kiln Technologies, LLC is prepared to provide North American Li-ion Battery producers with proven technology needed to meet their future demands.

Product Information

Evergreen Kiln Technologies, LLC offers state-of-the-art industrial furnaces and kilns, saggar automation and handling systems, including roller hearth kilns, pusher kilns, batch kilns, rotary kilns, tunnel kilns and thermal oxidizers. Solutions can be customized to meet the specific chemistry thermal demands for pre-firing, de-binding, firing, drying, heat treating, and curing various LFP, NMC and graphite materials for cathode and anode materials used in Li-ion battery production.
Its mandate is to design and build equipment that provides the lowest cost of ownership for the user. Minimizing operating costs are a priority and this is achieved through optimizing the equipment footprint and product loading density.


The primary objective is to raise awareness that to the market that Evergreen Kiln Technologies, LLC is capable provider of equipment and services to the North American market. In addition, this mission will provide an opportunity to gather research on the market from the geography where this technology was developed.

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Date: March 6 - 8, 2024

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